Friday, 15 September 2017

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

I finished a second Amphis' Bane dread today...

It was a complete accident, I assure you.  He's been sitting there in a state of semi-assembly since the last Dreadtober.  My last Amphis' Bane got me so psyched I had started on another immediately; that was before the commission work began.

So for a WHOLE YEAR he's been sitting looking like this.
But today being my day off Real Life work, and my brushes are so cruddy right now I can't possibly do any decent detail work done on my commissions, I apparently decided to spend the entire day working on this fellow--fellows?-- remembering the Amphis' gimmick is that there are twin brothers interred within.

Folks on G+ would recognise these pictures I put up just this morning:

The completed assembly.  This chap is going to be a titan killer, by the looks of him.  Twin-linked lascannon with plasma cannon sidearm on his right, and an I-Don't-Bloody-Know-What with a storm bolter sponson for giggles.

And now it's evening and the sun's just vanished over the mountains, he's complete!  I dashed outside during a dry spell and snapped off these pictures while I still had some daylight.  Here we go!

Looking at that storm bolter, I can't help but think of a certain fish...

A particularly exotic piece of plasma array, the Gothic pattern plasma heavy polybolos, initially designed for use as pintle-mounted defence on starships during the great crusade.  This particular piece was found within the Space hulk the Sagodjur Fjorlag later adopted as their home "world".

This icon is possibly the single most expensive piece I have ever bought for a model.  Solid sterling silver, and it was $40.  I love making myself poor, obviously...  No, this is actually a zodiac icon-- Virgo to be exact, which happens to be my own sign.  I know gemini would have been more fitting though.

And here we have him with my first one...

And once again, a group shot!  Hmm, just realised how dread-focused my army's gotten.


Throne, I'd awfully like to get this design to Games Workshop somehow.  I don't care if they steal it, just as long as they steal it 100%; that being. they acknowledge the pattern's mechanics and all that.  I suppose with the release of the Primarine dread they wouldn't be too interested...  Ah well!

Bye bye for now.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Commission work: Cypher & Imperial Knight #4 finished!

 QUICK NOTICE FIRSTLY:  The cut-off of the Astronomica "competition" will be extended to the 10th September.  Just so you know.  Alright, picture time!

Right, so my 4th IK and 2nd Cadmus knight and first resin kit is finished!  I never liked green before, but it's growing on me, you know?

Lady Luci Ann, knight lancer of house Cadmus, and I must say she's quite elegant to be sure.

There was a shield involved... I couldn't help myself, I had to put it the "right" way up.

And here she is, lady Ann herself.  It's an odd thing that two of three interiors I've decorated so far have had female pilots (the third being a summoner).

Also, along with the Lancer, a dark figure appears...  Yes, I got a second shot a Cypher too!

I used my tried and true tin cape recipe, and a paint scheme with so many steps I've sort of forgotten what I used... whoops.

My 1st go; not quite so desperately grim
So there we are!  This is why I've been neglecting my blog for so long.  Partially.  I'm still up for taking commissions if you're interested, remember that!  Just flick me an email @

See you again in six months time, hee hee.  Bye bye for now.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Embarrassing old art: 40K, Midna and more

RIGHT!  Last post was a wall of text: Today is a photo gallery to make up!  I was rummaging through the deepest depths of my study; I was trying to find a piece of black paper to use for a backdrop, when I came across a box of old, embarrassing art from way back-- I mean WAY back, like 2013 odd.  Once again, hardly related (I'm sorry) to Warhammer in the strictest sense of the word, there's a bit there you might find interesting.

Portrait of Satan: C. January 2000.

Let's start with possibly the oldest piece I've got: the date says 2000, I suppose I was 4.  This was a Sunday school piece, if the memory serves, and it was meant to be Satan.  Foreshadowing of a future in the grimdark...?

UNORGANISED BLOCK Let's just get this out of the way

Sally Acorn has some thighs
Chaos lod Dr. Robotnik

 Skipping a few years to the close of a Sonic the Hedgehog phase that lasted from 2000-ish to about 2012... I had a plethora of ridiculous OCs, but I destroyed them all, thank heaven; a decade of drawing Sonic meant an alarming amount of confidence in drawing someone else's licensed character. 

Wow, that'll help me in the future.

Note Tails the psyker in the top right.

Buff lego man

I had a bit of a LEGO story going at one point.  This chap I remember was basically the Story Breaker character, pretty much the god of the world.

Oh, you'll note the signature may fluctuate between an odd "DIGGER" which was my old pen-name, and the symbol you'll see on more recent artwork.  I was signing my name as "DIGGER" since I was seven, and old habits are hard to break.

I'm Baman...
I'm Piderman...

Look, it's Baman and Piderman.  I know the colours aren't shit per se, but look at the structure-- LOOK AT IT.
BLOODY LOOK AT IT.  I think I know who I was taking inspiration from at that point, which explains a lot.

Those faulds are suspended form his belt...

High fantasy was a big thing back then too.  Maybe a bit too high... those swords look kind of extravagant.  Also armour, I didn't know how armour worked back then.

slightly unfinished

And yes, I had-- still have, I guess-- a story based on Dragon Ball.


First, here's one of Link.  I suppose you can't call yourself an artist nowadays if you haven't drawn Link.

I also came across a few pictures of what appeared to be my favorite character at that time.




Even back then I was giving terminators chainswords... God damn

Here's the first picture of a space marine I ever ever drew. Just getting into the hobby I was, and I knew right from the start I was going to make my own Chapter... bad foot to start on when one knows so little of the lore, I know right?
Also, don't read his description.  That's not a scouter on his eye at all.  No it isn't.


Nnnggg... the closer you look, the more wrong it looks.

Why does he have a CSM bike?

Here's the original version of my Chapter master; he was called Wuotan back then, but he was... a bit different back then.

God, I hated myself back then.

Tripping on his axe

I found a couple of pictures of miniatures I either had or was planning on getting, like this one, the finecast techmarine.  Note the 6th ed points coat in pencil up top, and the appropriate comment.

He looks like a Fisher Price toy

Ah, I was obsessed with this fellow.  I did get him in the end, and I was still obsessed... until a few years later, and he was... sort of cut up for another chap...

Traitor Primarch?  Maybe?

As far as related artwork goes, there was quite a but, but here are some of the less embarrassing pieces.
Now, here we see a prime example of a common hole I would dig myself into; spending hours and hours on the pen of a drawing and realising I was too lazy to colour it in!

40K sort of seeped into everything else I drew... here's a Megaman OC with a blaster that's entirely original and not stolen.

And here's a-- no.  Just, no.  Throne, good thing I didn't finish this one.

Ah, a slightly more recent one; the original the Emperor's Peace.  I still remember the nightmare I saw him in, I was getting chased down a maze of corridors

That one didn't rotate.

Blurry pencil man feat. thumbprints

Couple more, no major comment here...

A shame I didn't finish this one.

Okay, too much old art is bad for me.  I'm losing faith in my ability.  I need to go finds some recent stuff to remind me that I don't suck at drawing.

This was from another dream.  It was set out like a Michael Bay film, with tyranids attacking an island resort.

A page from a comic... not a serious project at all.

And finally, and most recently completed, an illustration for a dark fantasy novel I've recently finished writing.  That's better.

So that's that!  Did I find the black bit of paper I was looking for?  No.  No I didn't.

Hope I didn't bore you too much.  Bye bye for now.