Sunday, 13 August 2017

Embarrassing old art: 40K, Midna and more

RIGHT!  Last post was a wall of text: Today is a photo gallery to make up!  I was rummaging through the deepest depths of my study; I was trying to find a piece of black paper to use for a backdrop, when I came across a box of old, embarrassing art from way back-- I mean WAY back, like 2013 odd.  Once again, hardly related (I'm sorry) to Warhammer in the strictest sense of the word, there's a bit there you might find interesting.

Portrait of Satan: C. January 2000.

Let's start with possibly the oldest piece I've got: the date says 2000, I suppose I was 4.  This was a Sunday school piece, if the memory serves, and it was meant to be Satan.  Foreshadowing of a future in the grimdark...?

UNORGANISED BLOCK Let's just get this out of the way

Sally Acorn has some thighs
Chaos lod Dr. Robotnik

 Skipping a few years to the close of a Sonic the Hedgehog phase that lasted from 2000-ish to about 2012... I had a plethora of ridiculous OCs, but I destroyed them all, thank heaven; a decade of drawing Sonic meant an alarming amount of confidence in drawing someone else's licensed character. 

Wow, that'll help me in the future.

Note Tails the psyker in the top right.

Buff lego man

I had a bit of a LEGO story going at one point.  This chap I remember was basically the Story Breaker character, pretty much the god of the world.

Oh, you'll note the signature may fluctuate between an odd "DIGGER" which was my old pen-name, and the symbol you'll see on more recent artwork.  I was signing my name as "DIGGER" since I was seven, and old habits are hard to break.

I'm Baman...
I'm Piderman...

Look, it's Baman and Piderman.  I know the colours aren't shit per se, but look at the structure-- LOOK AT IT.
BLOODY LOOK AT IT.  I think I know who I was taking inspiration from at that point, which explains a lot.

Those faulds are suspended form his belt...

High fantasy was a big thing back then too.  Maybe a bit too high... those swords look kind of extravagant.  Also armour, I didn't know how armour worked back then.

slightly unfinished

And yes, I had-- still have, I guess-- a story based on Dragon Ball.


First, here's one of Link.  I suppose you can't call yourself an artist nowadays if you haven't drawn Link.

I also came across a few pictures of what appeared to be my favorite character at that time.




Even back then I was giving terminators chainswords... God damn

Here's the first picture of a space marine I ever ever drew. Just getting into the hobby I was, and I knew right from the start I was going to make my own Chapter... bad foot to start on when one knows so little of the lore, I know right?
Also, don't read his description.  That's not a scouter on his eye at all.  No it isn't.


Nnnggg... the closer you look, the more wrong it looks.

Why does he have a CSM bike?

Here's the original version of my Chapter master; he was called Wuotan back then, but he was... a bit different back then.

God, I hated myself back then.

Tripping on his axe

I found a couple of pictures of miniatures I either had or was planning on getting, like this one, the finecast techmarine.  Note the 6th ed points coat in pencil up top, and the appropriate comment.

He looks like a Fisher Price toy

Ah, I was obsessed with this fellow.  I did get him in the end, and I was still obsessed... until a few years later, and he was... sort of cut up for another chap...

Traitor Primarch?  Maybe?

As far as related artwork goes, there was quite a but, but here are some of the less embarrassing pieces.
Now, here we see a prime example of a common hole I would dig myself into; spending hours and hours on the pen of a drawing and realising I was too lazy to colour it in!

40K sort of seeped into everything else I drew... here's a Megaman OC with a blaster that's entirely original and not stolen.

And here's a-- no.  Just, no.  Throne, good thing I didn't finish this one.

Ah, a slightly more recent one; the original the Emperor's Peace.  I still remember the nightmare I saw him in, I was getting chased down a maze of corridors

That one didn't rotate.

Blurry pencil man feat. thumbprints

Couple more, no major comment here...

A shame I didn't finish this one.

Okay, too much old art is bad for me.  I'm losing faith in my ability.  I need to go finds some recent stuff to remind me that I don't suck at drawing.

This was from another dream.  It was set out like a Michael Bay film, with tyranids attacking an island resort.

A page from a comic... not a serious project at all.

And finally, and most recently completed, an illustration for a dark fantasy novel I've recently finished writing.  That's better.

So that's that!  Did I find the black bit of paper I was looking for?  No.  No I didn't.

Hope I didn't bore you too much.  Bye bye for now.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Two amusing spam emails I just wanted to share

I believe my second email address has been plugged into a comedy machine.  In the last three days I've got two emails sent straight into the spam folder; not possessing any other way of presenting both at once, I'll slap them on the blog and call it a post.  Not exactly the usual content, sorry, but here we are.

I'll print them in full below, spelling mistakes and all (which I think I'll underline).  Get ready for some heavy reading.


6 Aug at 11:15 AM
Dear Beneficiary;

Our Operation Manager has extract your 1st payment of $5,000.00 out of your total fund of ($1.5million) We need your full information for the transfer,

We scheduled installmental sums of USD$5,000.00 daily through the cash fast Western Union, payment at counter as directed and we have commenced the relevant programming and the documentations of the said fund, as we are instructed to make the first payment of USD$5,000.00 MTCN available in your name upon the receipt of your information from you as follows.

Your Name,

Contact our Operational Manager,Mr WETAYEM MYSHEAR  through our office email  for more enlightenment on your money.

Email (


Well now, that was interesting.


Here's the second one, from three days later.


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

40K Soulslike is up and running! Also a competition!

So I've got 40K Soulslike up to a fairly decent standard, and I'm going to celebrate with a little competition!  Go there now to have a swift look around; there's only one post up, a painting tutorial.

It's just a little thing, something I hope to get people's creativity going.  I also really want to share the whole concept of Astronomica as much as I can; I don't know how popular an idea a 40K/Souls crossover might be, but it'd be nice to have a good go!

 Here comes the competition.

While it's open to anybody (Comment to say you're in!), having knowledge of the Souls series' mechanics definitely helps your cause.  Also, a bit of knowledge of the Astronomica story would be good too, wouldn't it?  Links to respective info can be found all over the blog.

From August 3rd to September 3rd, for the chance to win a modest treat, you can invent and assemble either a character or an optional boss and furnish them with a backstory including the location you find them and what relevance they have to the Inflicted's journey.  A bit of dialogue with the Inflicted would be nice too, be it before battle or before a quest or whatever you wish-- and bonus points for item descriptions for any drops you can get from killing them.  Especial bonus points if you take an existing character from the 41st millennium and transplant them into the story with solid enough backstory and reason  to have been called by Convergeance.

What factions are allowed?  That'd be Astartes, both loyal and traitor; any human faction actually, along with Dark Eldar, remembering that there's no real enmity between factions-- for on Convergence, we come only to die.

How about prizes?

There won't be much in the way of prizes per se, I like to call them little treats; you know, intensives to get the ball rolling?
Judging from a combination of best character design and backstory, I choose a winner and two places (2nd and 3rd) as recipients for treats, who can then chose any of the following-- winner chooses first, second place chooses second and so on:

  • A framed original A4 of your character:  pen and watercolour on board, as that's the best I can do.
  • A miniature of the Inflicted wearing your character's set and/or carrying their weapons, as you wish, on a small decorative base.
  • A figure I have previously kitbashed, though that's a bit boring.

These are the criteria.  An entry hoping to win a treat should consist thus:

1: A single figure, not too much bigger than a terminator.  I understand that a lot of Souls bosses are over twice the player's height, but I don't want people starting too big and getting disheartened, or thinking bigger is better.

2: They should be either of Imperial, residual chaos or Commoragh descent, and so equipped-- i.e no xenos except dark eldar, no necron weapons, and chaotic influence should be tempered with faith in the Carrion Lord.

3: The style needs to be dark-- as dark as you can muster, I know you can do it!  Blanchitsu is welcome here.

4: Posing must match something seen in the Souls series; at ease, standing one-handed, standing two-handed, with a two-handed at rest, poised-- the choices are quite varied, emotes count too.  Decorative bases aside, the torso must be kept level (if standing).  Sorry if it's nitpicky, but there's a style we're going for, so please bear with me.

5: Weapons should focus on the short to mid-range, that means keeping guns to an absolute minimum.  Special weapons ought to be kitbashed, and in that case, should have an item description.  Shields should run the length of the arm with the top edge closest to the ground, as opposed to perpendicular to the arm.  No, Lothric knights don't count.

6: Backstories should be at least 100 words long, but no longer than 600 please!  They should have at least one line of relevant dialogue and item descrtiptions should be three or four fairly short lines.  Which ending do they support, if at all?  Can they be summoned?

7: The only primaris Astartes allowed are Ultramarines, for story's sake.

I have a few pages on the blog for Astronomica related content, they can be found here. (edit: remember to put the link in, Lonely you dolt!)
Email your stories to me @ in either Word document or PDF format, and feel free to post WiPs of your figures everywhere, using the hashtag #astronomica so I can find it.  Of course, the best characters and stories will find themselves in the Astronomica lore, and I'm sure there'll be more than three in that case!

And remember to comment if you want to go for it, and you then have from August 3rd to September 3rd in which to bring your NPC to life.

Get ready!  Bye bye for now.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Blogs and rumors of blogs and a near-future project

So a project/division of projects I've been ruminating over for some time is almost coming together; with the apparent close of the Souls series I feel it's a little fitting.  A combining of the 41st millenium with the mechanics of From's spectacular 3rd-person-- unneccesary detail.

40K SOULSLIKE!  I painted up a nice banner, ready and waiting.  A blog for those who like both Dark Souls and Warhammer, and one of which I hope some of you would like to contribute to, if it be your wish.

While the blog is open and running, there's nothing on it at the moment.  Go there and see for yourself.  I'll let you know when things start happening over there, though.

Some of the subjects I'd like to cover on this new blog will be:

  • The unmasking of the IInd primarch, Dura Hazred.  Yes, I just invented him for the story.
  • The "true" origins and future of the Legion of the Damned, with Index Astartes cross-referencing and everything
  • A planet with a series of locations with their own bosses and optional/minibosses
  • A nice set of characters to populate said locations
  • Copious item descriptions for every weapon, rock and scrap of clothing present
  •  A full story to encapsulate all, which I've titled Astronomica, for some reason.


Okay Lonely; first and foremost, why?

I've got a few reasons for starting a new blog when I've already got a perfectly good one that's got a tidy little following.  First is that, brutally put, it's a breath of fresh air.  Like a clear space on a cluttered desk, creativity simply flows into it.  Second is that I wanted a place to put my more Astronomica related stories and general STUFF.  Thirdly, I guess it's an attempt to vent my defeated wish to make video games of my own.

Fourthly, and most importantly, I want to inspire you do create your own stories.  Not mentioning names or sites, but I've seen SO much Below Par Fluff created by gamers who really should know better; I want to present an interesting story for others to take inspiration from.

Right, so what are we going to expect of this grandiose plan of yours?

What you're not going to get is a fanfic crossover!  I might need to explain:  Astronomica will be a collection of media that represents Warhammer 40K through the Souls lens.  Weapon and fighting mechanics, layout of stages-- 1st half, miniboss, 2nd half, boss etc-- and a suitably dark storyline for example, in which there is no good or evil; for all are fit only to die in the eyes of the Carrion lord...

Anyway... as far as actual content goes, very little, to be truthful-- and additions will be fairly few and far between.  It'll mostly be a site of WiPs and pages filled with text and initially few photos, though they'll be added in time.  Character bios, dialogue and-- I don't know, walkthroughs-- will dominate the text, I can see this is going to become quite the overblown RP blog, but I guess it's self-aware...?

As for the WiPs, they will only be those related to Astronomica, so again, few and far between-- but there WILL be some pretty spectacular highlights, I can promise you that!

What sort of people are you aiming for?

Souls fans, really.  I guess Souls fans more than 40K players, as there will be next to nothing related to actual gaming.  As I've said in the past, I generally treat Warhammer as an artistic outlet, my models being sculptures, not simply gaming pieces.

What's more, there's a lot of room for YOU to add your own bits, if you like.  The more the merrier!  Do you fancy yourself a Souls fan?  Have you actually defeated the Dragon Rider, unlike me who just poked him off the edge?  That's not relevant...

But would you like to add to the Astronomica lore?  There's a lot of room for new characters and backstory!

And what d'you want us to do?

Stop shouting at me, for one!  No, stay tuned for the official opening, I guess; I'll let you know when it happens.  Everyone's invited to the blog-warming party, and there will be a little competition to celebrate too.
Once again, if you've ever entertained (or plan to entertain) the thought of a 40K Soulslike, get assembling, writing, painting whatever!  Who knows, you might even get a little something out of it...

So that's that!  Yes, quite excited for the purported blog.   Bye bye for now.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

I'm concerned about these sculpts...

I bought it simply because the Lucius pattern escape pod was cute.
I mean, look at it, it's like a little drop pod!

I suddenly want fifty of these.  This is the best civilian object GW have produced in a while, and it's mine now.  Mine.

But that's not really what I wanted to post about.  I wanted to voice my bigoted opinion over this sculpt; there's something... wrong, with it, I can't really place it.

Has anyone else noticed?  Never mind the fact of it's origin-- China, oddly-- it feels, sort of thick and round.  I know the difference between their building casts and their figure casts, and this feels like a building cast.  Do you understand?  Like there isn't as much detail as there could have been.

Like when a new director takes over an existing series, it's so strange, so different and strange!  I don't know if I like it or not...

On the one hand, it's all thick and yucky to the touch, but on the other hand it's weirdly nostalgic, like 90's fisher price... To be sure, it feels like a set of bricks, very nice and solid, but oddly devoid of detail...
THRONE I'm on the fence.  What do you think?  Do you like the objectives kit?  Of course you do, I'm just a snobbish toff!

Bye bye for now.