Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Dreadtober: 1st company dread

 Between titans and tanks, there's time in the month for a second!  This time I've started with a chaplain dread for something a bit more tame, but he's looking pretty good so far.

 I wanted to give him a lascannon reflecting that of the Amphis' Bane, side-by-side with the heavy flamer in between.  I can't believe I've still got a few centurion weapons left.

 One of the quirks of my real-life work is coming home with odd little things in my coat pockets.  The lascannon nozzles are tricky little sprinkler heads you screw directly into the irrigation pipe.

 To show his age, I added a few Imperial Fist icons, harking back to the legion days.  One off a resin helmet was small enough to fit in the cog mechanicus.

 Sneaky eagle.

And at last I found a use for the Guilliman base!  The toes were cut suitably, and there are pins running right through the base, so no need to worry there.
So that's that!  Next time I think he'll be complete, so stay tuned!


Saturday, 7 October 2017

Dreadtober project: Leviathan complete

I think I've found my forte.  I seem to be able to paint dreadnoughts extremely quickly-- that is, in comparison to my ordinary pace of two infantry per decade.

I was a bit on-and-off about using martian ironearth for its crackle effect, the negative pay-off being of course the thickness of the coat required.  Of course, if you were to suggest a more suitable crackle paint, I'd be all ears!
So anyway, here we are!  Maybe I should complete that venerable dread too.  Photo time!

Keeping with the whole Silent Hill theme of my Astartes, just a vanilla helmet just wasn't going to do.  For some reason, this was my replacement.

Yes, those are actual teeth.

You might not be able to see, but the head is a CSM helmet with the eyes greenstuffed out.

The effect of the ironearth is... okay, I'll admit that it's Very, Very Difficult to regulate; somehow I wish I had access to a chemical that distorted the resin, never mind noxious fumes and allergic reactions. I wonder what would achieve that?


And here we are once again, with other family members.  I didn't actually realised the Amphis' Bane was so close in height.

So that's that!  Back to the altar I guess.  Bye bye for now.

Monday, 2 October 2017

My dreadtober project: leviathan!

 Oookay!  This has got to be the best October ever-- I've finished the last of the skaven commission to ship off on Thursday, I've got half an IK and two dreadnoughts on the altar and I've been ripped to absolute shreds for my Robute Guilliman model on facebook!  But never mind, that's not what I'm posting for today, it's Dreadtober!  Just so you know, the event has it's own blog now (slap obligatory link to blog here) to keep things tidy.

Right, my official pledge for this month is a leviathan dread for my Space Marines who've been ignored for FAR too long now.  They aren't a 30K force, and the leviathan isn't really a 40K piece, but my excuse is that they're so old it should be alright.

This fellow's got a grav-flux bombard and autocannon; alas, I couldn't think of any particularly provocative kitbashing, apart from the usual world-tree icon and perfunctory bit of hurricane mesh.

So here he is, after assembly and priming.  Oh, but I absolutely LOVE the sculpt, never mind what I said when it came out!

So that's my "official" pledge, just to be safe, but there's another, smaller chap on the altar too... I'm not so desperate to finish this one-- because well, I've got an IK to finish before December, and a land raider too.  But I still hope to squash in a minute or two between washes for this fellow!

Bye bye for now.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Miniatures for sale!

Yes!  I'm selling some of my single figures!  Money is in requite, so sadly these chaps have to go to a new forever home, so to speak.  I've got a rather major real-life occurrence on the horizon-- one I'd rather not disclose, save that it soaks up a LOT of money-- and so, yeah... here we are.

If you're wondering why they're all here, and not ebay (or Trademe, being the NZ equiv), is that I wanted you 'orrible lot to get first dibs if you're interested-- also, I don't actually have a seller's account on ebay!
All prices will be presented in NZD, so when you go and convert it into your own native currency you can be happy at the value your dollar has!

If anything catches the eye, contact me via @ lonely.kitbasher at yahoo dot com, and we can discuss from there all you wish: payments via paypal will be made to the same address.  Also, if you want anything tweaked or painted or whatever you wish, contact me anyway!

I'll keep this post handy, and if anything gets sold I'll whip it off so that you're not potentially disappointed.

Right, here we are:

 True Scale Lone wolf

A jolly nice addition to an Inq24 force.  Unpainted.


 Inquisitor with bolt pistol and xenos blade

Poor haggard fellow.  Undercoated white.



 Necron lord with resurrection orb

An interesting centrepiece and a colour scheme for a particularly grim-looking force.  Painted.


Tzeentch helbrute

One of those!  Unpainted.


 Blood Angels Chaplain 

An Angels Encarmine chaplain based on Lemartes. Painted.

50 NZD

 Imperial Gurad Commissar

Why did I give him a hand flamer?  Painted.


 True scale Dark Angel

Another Inq28 character?  Painted.


Kharn the Betrayer

Regrettably putting him up for grabs.  I love this little bugger, but I sort of need the money too... Painted.

90NZD   See how willing I am to sell him!  *sarcasm

Death Guard biker

What a white rapper.  I really should turn that pistol around.  Unpainted.


True scale Grey Knight Captain

Another difficult fellow to let go, alas.  Painted.


True scale Blood Angel

Just a vanilla Blood Angel, with heavy flamer and a lot of guitar wire.  Unpainted.


Sister Seraphim with plasma pistol and chainsword

Should compliment Celestine nicely.  Unpainted.


Blood Angels successors

A sergeant, 6 brethren and an apothecary.  Painted.  Be sure to ask about my unpainted chaps too; I've got an assault squad and some more tactical marines!

80NZD for the swag

3 Harlequins

Very slightly kitbashed.  one's painted, the other two are primed.



Inquisitrix with bolt pistols

Inspired by Bayonetta-- obviously.



So that's that!  Remember, lonely.kitbasher at yahooo dot com!  I would beg you to buy, but that's be stupid.

I'll just leave you knowing that deep down, you really do want that one, that particular one... hee hee, don't you?

Bye bye for now.

Friday, 15 September 2017