Monday, 21 May 2018

Urien & grotesques WiP: also Nurgle almost had me

So for the last while (not including the past few days... you'll know why in a moment) I've been scouring my bits box to make three grotesques and Urien Rakarth for a client.  If anything, it's made me realise I need to restock on unorthodox purchases like vargeists and such! 

Introducing (from left) Tom, Bert and William.  Please don't laugh at Tom, he was part of a subway accident.

For Urien himself, I've used several poxwalkers as a base.  Still working on what I should use for his tentacley bits, and OH NO I'M OUT OF GREENSTUFF!!!!!1!!1!!AGAIN!!!!!1

And that wasn't the end of the week's bad luck.

So last Wednesday afternoon I think it was, I started getting an odd sort of pain when I walked.  By the time I left work I almost couldn't sit on my motorbike, and that night I couldn't sleep for the magnanimous fever which had literally taken minutes to spring upon me, however fevers work.
Turns out, come Thursday morning, I had the most horrible infection ever a man could get.  Oof.  And don't think I picked it up from anyone, I'm what they call "grey ace"; look it up.

Once my immunity had dropped, old Pappy Nurgle found out I was unwell and he started sending me all these presents to make me feel... loved, I suppose, if not better.  It was like a bunch of "Don't Get Well" presents.

Before long it felt like I had every ailment The home physician describes and was hopelessly stuck in bed; only this morning (Tuesday) have I been able to hobble out and do a bit of constructive stuff.  Thanks, Nurgle.  No, my Chapter is STILL loyalist, and no I WON'T collect Death Guard.

If there was one good thing that came of the fevers, it made for some, um... unique characters for my second novel, like this chap below, the Blue Scissorknight.

And that's that!  I'm hoping to be well enough to get back to work on Friday (thank Throne for understanding employers!!) and by that time I will be clean enough to approach the Sago altar once again and continue kitbashing.  Here's hoping, anyway.

Bye bye for now.

What the fevered mind of a madman thinks is a decent suit of armour

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Commission work: C'tan shard finished!

WOW he was a challenge and a half!  He's been the bottleneck in a lot of things, but the result isn't half bad if I say so myself.  Photo time!

The client was after something particularly Egyptian for this chap, with a sort of Vishnu/Shiva duality.  I went with a jackal head and plugged him full of Necron effects to reflect his slavery to the race he once held dominion over.

I also found out I'm DREADFUL at freehand!!!!  As if I didn't know already.
So that's that!  Just a quick one this time around, I'm so sorry for my sporadic posting nature... Hopefully with this chap off the bucket list thing will pick up again.

Bye bye for now.

Monday, 9 April 2018

I'm drilling my barrels now

It was a hard decision whether to finally do what I KNEW was best for me and the hobby as a whole, but after years of servere deliberation, I have done the right thing.

Yeah, as the title says, I'm drilling my barrels.

 The simple brilliance of it astounds me, really.  I thought it's take some drastic experimentation (like using body parts or, heck, real blood) to improve my kitbashing skills... This, however, was quite unprecedented!  Look at this picture, a side-by-side of three weapons with their barrels whole, then the same options below with barrels drilled:

The improvement is uncanny!
And you know what?  It's even improved my morale and skill in general!  Who would have thought I would start assembling masterpieces just based on a simple trick as a few holes?


 Bye bye for now.

I've got a dirty thumb.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Possibly the world's most unnecessarily complicated assault marine

 So what, you say.  The mentally unstable D just put together another ridiculously expensive kitbash, what's new?  Well, today I think I'll tell you exactly what went into this 1st company veteran; maybe it'll confirm my insanity, if nothing else.
First, let's strip the paint off and have a look at the bits for what they are.

The body is the cybernetica datasmith with the front torso half from the Black Templar's upgrade kit.  Bit of gold necklace chain across shoulder, trophy spike from WHFB crypt horror; new Cypher's bolt pistol on one hip, DA incense-burner on the other.  Double purity seal from the special sprue from the old tactical squad kit, and hourglass from the WHFB flagellants kit.
Head is from the finecast Imperial Fists upgrade kit, bionic is from Canoness Veridyan and the hair is a Custodes topknot.

Backpack is (mostly) from the old assault squad kit, nozzles from DA veteran kit.  The book is a GK icon with chain from an earring, and the tree is a charm.  Two pouches from the old assault squad kit, skull buttons are taken from the icons on a GK incinerator tank and marksman's honour from sternguard veteran kit.

Left arm is a plague marine's from the Dark Vengeance box, tilt shield is off a pillar from the garden of Morr and pipes are guitar wire.  The hand (and chainsword engine) is from aforementioned special tac squad sprue with a Templar cross from the scroll/pouch bit from the upgrade kit.  The chainsword itself is plasticard with teeth from the second sword on that sprue; the handle is from the honour guard's axe and the tree icon is a silver earring.

Right arm is from an Ultramarine Honour Guard with a 7th ed chest aquila; right hand is a 7th ed BA hand, the bolgun an edited sisters of Silence one with a purity seal from Guilliman's right shin.

Never will you see another uselessly fiddly and expensive assault marine.

Bye bye for now.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Commission work: orky plasma obliterator finished

Um, yeah!  This is a thing.  I guess when you're commissioned to make a "looted plasma obliterator", I suppose this is what happens.

I started off with the base of the aquila strongpoint's turret, then started piling bits on; all the bits I could find, really.  There are even bits of spider carapace, as this is to go with the spider themed orks I began with the tank.

This would be a lot harder to pull off without the power of fire; a lot of these bits I melted into place.  Twenty points if you can guess all the bits.  Go on, have a crack! (commences villain laugh.)

I figured that instead of these orks commandeering any large plasma weapon, all they managed was to do was scrape together a swag of plasma pistols, then wired them all up together with a few bits or ordinary dakka to make up for inaccuracy.  I'd hate to be anywhere within a fifty mile radius when this thing fires...

And that's that!  In other news I've finished that set of IK banners, and there's rumours of a C'tan shard on the near horizon...

Bye bye for now.